Clouds to fall on Martyrs day as Bakiga nation Rukundo Egumeho fest returns


KAMPALA- All is set for People with a knack for anything charitable – littered with culture, food, fun and entertainment, then mark your calendars! Your ‘cultural event of the year’ takes to its wheels as Bakiga Nation Rukundo Egumeho fest returns with 9th edition.

The 9th Edition of the mighty and highly anticipated Bakiga Nation will take the shockwave to Lugogo Former Zoe grounds this Martyrs day.

Bakiga Nation is a celebration of culture, togetherness, solidarity by Banyakigezi and their friends through the arts and trade, among others.

‘Rukundo Egumeho’ is a Rukiga phrase that means “Let Love Prevail”; a celebration and appreciation of the uniqueness and beauty of the Kiga Culture in a family event that brings together people of all ages.

Themed ‘Going Back to our roots’, the edition is slated attract a great crowd of mainly Kampala-based Bakiga and Banyankore and all lovers of cultural tourism, who enjoy connecting with their traditional customs, eating, taking traditional drinks; ‘bushera’ and ‘enturire’ made out of millet and sorghum, traditional dances and competitive games among others.

It being on Martyrs day, the event is also expected to feature a cross section of pilgrims who will have come from Kigezi to join their fellows at Namugongo so that they can as well enjoy the pinch of their Kampala based relatives, clansmen and women.

The event which has taken over Kampala’s social calendar has had eight successful previous editions and the 9th edition which is sponsored by Coca Cola, Flexi Pay, Roke Telkom and Tindi will see revelers enjoy taste of entertainment from different performances by a number of Artistes from Kigezi region as well as a number of event to spice up the day.

Entrance fee to this event is just Ugx 20,000 and gates will be open all day and throughout the night.