Sheema DSC on spot over alleged bribery in exchange for jobs


NEWS– The Sheema District Service commission is under pressure after the members were given a two weeks ultimatum to explain to the public how people who didn’t do interviews got jobs and the allegations of money exchange while giving government jobs.

All these were said on Wednesday in Sheema district council meeting where councillors tasked the service commission chaired by Jane Mpagi and Chief Administrative Officer to explain to them why most applicants are crying of corruption in the service commission and why they gave some people jobs yet they didn’t do interviews.

Nelson Karuhanga, the councillor representing Kasaana Sub County who doubles as Sheema district chief whip, presented a motion saying that it has been proven that the service commission appointed some people to jobs which weren’t advertised.

Councillors later resolved that the service commission pins all successful candidates on the notice board rather than contacting them secretly.

Sheema District Chief Administrative Officer John Betunguura told councillors that the problem in the district service commission was caused by the commission secretary Ruth Abimanya and vowed to follow up the matter.