Learners tipped on acquiring leadership skills from Schools to become excellent future leaders


RUKUNGIRI– Learners at all education levels have been urged to always contest for different leadership positions wherever they get an opportunity so that they can become future good leaders.

This was sounded by the head teacher of Rukungiri Modern Primary School Mwesigwa Geofrey during the handover of the outgoing and swearing in of newly elected prefectorial body in a function held at the School premises in Southern Division, Rukungiri Municipality.

Mwesigwa encouraged them to always contest for leadership positions at all levels since it comes from God and this will help them become good leaders of the country in future.

He added that it’s their responsibility as pupils’ leaders to work hard and change the school positively in terms of fellow pupils’ welfare and academic performances.

Mwesigwa appreciated the good work done by the outgoing prefectorial body urging the new one to work even better for the benefit and development of the school.

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Silver Kabwere the School’s deputy head teacher urged the newly elected prefectorial body to be good leaders not rulers since their fellows trusted them into the driving seat.

Kabwere advised them to know their jurisdiction adding that although they are pupil’s leaders, they should also follow school rules and regulations.

He called for cooperation between them as leaders and school administration for the betterment of their school.

Taremwa Oscar and Ainemukama Comfort the newly elected Head Boy and head girl respectively promised to fulfil what they pledged to their fellow pupils during the campaigns in line with the school rules and regulations.

Ainemukama Comfort said that she will work hard to make Rukungiri modern primary exemplary in the district and the entire country in terms of discipline and academic performances.

Head prefects added that they will work tirelessly to bridge any gaps between pupils and administration of the school for the betterment of both.

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Rukungiri Modern Primary school is one of the best academic excellent Schools in Rukungiri district and the whole of Western Uganda.