Make University education affordable- KCCA Minister Kabanda


KAMPALA– The minister for Kampala Capital City Authority and Metropolitan, Hajjat Minsa Kabanda has urged proprietors of private and public Universities to make the school fees for university affordable to enable majority of the students to join Universities for degrees and diplomas.

Minister Kabanda noted Education is the key to knowledge but unfortunately the majority of people do not attain University Education due to lack of school fees.

Minister Kabanda said this on Friday while presiding over the cultural gala festival at Team University Kampala, an annual event specifically made to welcome freshers.

The Minister said that there are so many children in Kampala and beyond who completed O and A levels but failed to join any university because of high school dues.

“I come from here in Kisenyi where over 90% of children did not go for higher education especially University because their parents cannot afford the school fees,” she said.

Kabanda said that a parent can afford to educate five children in secondary but fail to send only one at university.

“Both government and private sector should revise the school dues for the university students so that they can accommodate very many students,” she advised.

The Team University Chancellor, Prof. Tarsis Bazana Kabwegyere said the management of Team University has offered the Minister two fully sponsored slots of her choice and another ten who will get sponsorship as the way of cooperating with her office in developing the education sector in Kampala Metropolitan.

Minister Kabanda appreciated the offer and promised to mobilize more students for the University starting with her staff who may need to upgrade in their studies.

“As I said earlier, I live with many uneducated children not that they are dull but who cannot manage to raise university fees, now I have got where to start from to preach the gospel of education in my area,’ she said.

She urged the management of Team University to promote more technical courses that will lead students  to the skilling of Uganda.

She lamented that most Universities are situated in Kampala and Metropolitan but they are a less educated population which she said is a shame to her office.

She said that Team University started when she was just there seeing how it was born and its progress which is now beyond human imagination.

She urged fresher students to stick on education and avoid Kampala lifestyle that may lead them to hell.

“Some rich people here in Kampala are there waiting for up country girls joining universities to confuse them with money and phones but you should shun them and concentrate on education.

The Minister encouraged students to participate in all government programs including the elections saying that their chances may be in politics.

“I started as the chairperson of women council one in my small village of Kisenyi, I graduated as a councilor and now the Minister, I appeal to the females who are here to participate in the ongoing women council elections and when youth councils also come, the youth should not miss out,: she advised.

The Chancellor, Prof. Tarsis Bazana Kabwengyere praised the Minister for honoring their invitation to preside over the cultural gala at Team University.

“Today we are telling the world that we don’t only focus on academics but we also promote the culture and develop the students’ talents in music, dance and drama,” he said.

He also urged students to work hard so that they leave Team University when they are changed and they also change their respective villages.

“There is no luck in education, to get a first class degree you must work for it, do not sleep and think you will be lucky and get it” he added.

Kabwengyere also asked students to study their friends and know why they befriend them and even know those that hate them and why.

“Some people may hate you because you read hard and some friends are like ticks they just want to suck you and dump you after, you must know such people and avoid them,” he advised.

He reminded the students that they should know that they are doing education for themselves, not the lecturers nor their parents.

‘The education you will acquire from here is just yours and will help you in future but not any other person” he said.

Kabwegyere tipped University students to fully participate in the parish development model saying that since they are educated, they should take the lead in parish development model to guide their parents who never went to school.

“Government has allocated billions of money in parishes at your home. Make sure you participate in the formation of SACCOs and even take lead positions to manage the funds since they are aiming at eradicating poverty in public” he noted.