VP Alupo, Minister Baryomunsi ask Kabale district to allocate More land to Kabale University


KABALE– The Vice President of Uganda Rt. Maj. Jesicca Alupo and Minister of ICT and National Guidance Dr. Chris Baryomunsi have asked Kabale District Local Government to allocate more land for Kabale University expansion.

Maj. Alupo’s speech read for her by Minister Baryomunsi at the University’s sixth graduation as a public Universitya asked the Kabale District Council to allocate more land for expansion of the University to accommodate more students.

In 2001, Kabale district council donated 52 acres of land to enable the University to start, however since 2007, demands for more land have been falling on deaf ears even after the University Council wrote to the Ministry of Education asking for intervention.

Alupo revealed that Kabale University had been earmarked to benefit from the higher education science and technology phase II Program, an African Development Bank Program to support infrastructural development in Universities. 

She added that it would be unfortunate if the feasibility study team went to Kabale University and found out that they don’t have enough land for expansion.


In his own words, Dr. Baryomunsi revealed that he had been appointed as one of the Kabale University Ambassadors, and one of his first tasks would be convening a meeting between Kabale District Local Government and Management of the University to find a lasting resolution on the matters concerning the land for expansion.


Kabale University Vice Chancellor Prof. Joy Kwesiga said that after being taken over by the Government about 6 years ago, Kabale University has been widening its coverage in different academic fields, and the progress requires operational space which is not enough at the moment.

Prof. Kwesiga explained that they needed land to accommodate a teaching hospital, demonstration farm for agriculture, construction of Hostels for University Staff, among others. She also noted that through an inter-ministerial forum, they had agreed that the Kabale District Council gives the University 70 acres out of the remaining 90 acres of unoccupied land at Kikungiri hill in Southern Division Kabale Municipality, but the District Council has not yet passed a resolution to implement the agreement.

The Kabale District LC.5 Chairperson Nelson Nshangabasheija did not pick our repeated calls to give a comment on the matter, but one of the District Councillors who preferred anonymity revealed to this media house that the Speaker of Council in collaboration with the district executive committee had on several occasions blocked any attempts to discuss the matter in council sessions.

The LC.5 Councilor said that the previous Council had given Kabale University a verbal condition to buy the land, or construct a shopping mall for the district in one of other pieces of public land before an agreement was entered to allocate them more land at Kikungiri hill, but there was no consensus reached.

The anonymous Councilor also noted that the 52 acres of land given to Kabale University was not yet utilized to the maximum, and would therefore be unfair for them to keep demanding for more land.