Greater Ankole Bishops hail President Museveni for supporting Church activities


KAMPALA– Greater Ankole Bishops have thanked President Museveni for always being supportive to church activities.

The Bishops were meeting President Museveni on Friday 27th May 2022 at State House Entebbe  ahead of the Martyr’s day celebrations set for June 3rd 2022.

President Museveni recently contributed Ugx 1 Billion towards the preparations and the Parliament of Uganda also approved Ugx 600M support towards the Martyr’s the celebrations.

All Bishops from Ankole thanked President Museveni for being an efficient leader, supportive and living an examplary life.

“He is a good listener and very efficient. See like during COVID-19, we didn’t lose many people compared to other countries due to his good leadership”, they revealed.

President Museveni thanked the religious leaders /institutions for being champions of teaching good morals/discipline amongst Ugandans. He encouraged them to tell Ugandans to join and support the government programs such as Parish Development Model aimed at fighting poverty plus learning the saving culture for a better tomorrow.

This year’s celebrations at the Anglican Site will be led by the Greater Ankole Diocese under the them “hope beyond affliction”.

The meeting was also attended by Professor Ephraimu Kamuntu (Chairperson Organising Committee) and Canon Mary Karooro Okurut (In charge for Publicity).

At least 45 Christians (22 Catholics), (23 Anglicans) were executed between January 1885 to January 1887 on orders of Kabaka Mwanga for their faith and refusal to renounce it.

The execution for most of these was on 3rd June 1886 and the day is commemorated annually in Uganda by millions and in particular around the world.