NRM Chairperson punches holes in Government’s Parish Development Model


OPINION– The National Resistance Movement chairperson Iganga District Hajji Walubi Abubaker has revealed that the government is just wasting money rather than fighting poverty in the country.

According to Hajji Walubi, since 1990, the government introduced Entadikwa fund to parishes and other projects like youth livelihood program, Uganda women Empowerment Fund, Emyooga, NAADS, Operation Wealth Creation all of which have failed to get Ugandans out of poverty and now the Parish Development Model, which according to him is a weste of funds.

Walubi contends that instead of funding all these programs, the government should rather use such money in construction of hospitals, schools and roads to help the needy to get their living.

According to him, even this program of Parish Development Model is like a thanksgiving for voting Museveni.

He narrated this while addressing the media in the training of local leaders at Iganga Municipality Council hall.