AFK gears up for SMADJ- Duo, World Music day Concerts

Alliance Francais de Kampala director, Gilles Patrice displaying a photo of the Oud a signature instrument played by SMADJ (Photo Abraham Mutalyebwa)

KAMPALA- After more than two years of a break due to the COVID- 19 pandemic in Uganda the World Music Day also aknown as Fete de La Musique is back, Alliance Francaise de Kampala (AFK) has announced.

It was revealed on Wednesday, June 7, at their premises along Bukoto Street during a press briefing ahead of the events next week.

This time around before the celebrations, there will be the SMADJ- DUO concert as a precursor to the big fete.

According to Patrice Gilles, the director of Alliance de Kampala said that the World music day is a cocktail of music genres that was started way back in France and has spread to over 100 countries across the globe.

 ”SMADJ was born in Tunisia and was able to blossom in Paris after he dropped the guitar for the Oud. I was told he came to Uganda some time ago in 2014 and I’m aware he is a very good and talented artist. There will also be opening acts from Ali chief and Charles Obina known for the electric jazz and adungu respectively”. Said Patrice.

He also stressed that the world music day has become a great event and this year it’s going to be a revival of the Jam sessions  with the Majnun and the   Black magic band and  will happen on the 20th despite the day being celebrated on June 21,   of every year.

Patrice noted that the concert shall have great performances from Brian Aliddeki, Sara Vacuolar, Racheal Magoola, R’Afrika and the police band staring 5:00pm at the National Theatre Gardens.

“This time we want to have a mix and will create exchanges with the local artists. We have brought artists like Alicia who have worked with the Janzi Band, Karu Njoki and many others. We have also promoted and worked with emerging artists through our AKatuuti program which has had many emerging talent”. Patrice added.

Meron Tusiime, Communication Officer, AFK   said that they will have diversity from various artists before she called upon very many Ugandans to come through and enjoy themselves on the day.

“Our own honorable member of parliament Rachel Magoola will hit the stage to bring the best as one the icons in the music industry not forgetting other artists. It is a day to celebrate all genres of music and as you know Ugandans are very fun, lovely and party people. There are usually Jam sessions at national theatre and we have decided to have it on the same day in order to deliver the best.” Tusiime Said.

The World Music Day started in 1981 in France founded by Jack Lang who was that cultural minister then and was embraced by President Francois Mitterrand and took place all over the streets of France to celebrate the aspects of culture and diversity.

Meron Tusiime, the communication officer at AFK giving more insights about the events ( Photo Abraham Mutalyebwa)

Over the years, it has spread to more than 700 cities in the world and 120 countries such as India, Canada, Japan Brazil, Ecuador, UK and many others.