Parish Chief arrested for soliciting bribes from PDM groups


IGANGA– Two parish chiefs in Nambale Sub County, Ihanga District are on wanted for soliciting for money from the beneficeries of the Parish Development Model.

Wabwiire Paul the parish chief of Nasuti Parish, Nambale Sub County is arrested for demanding for money from the persons who intend to join Parish Development Model groups.

The Iganga Resident District Commissioner Wandela Sadala warned all Iganga Parish Chiefs to desist from the act of demanding for money from the members stressing that they will be arrested and charged.

“We have investigated that the Nasuti Parish Chief Wabwiire Paul and established that he solicited for over Ugx 1million from the members as registration fee” Wandela noted. 

This was done with the help of concerned citizens who reported this case to relevant authorities.