Rukiga District authorities donate iron sheets to Kitojo Primary School


RUKIGA– Kitojo primary school in Buchundura parish, Kashabya Sub county in Rukiga District on 16th June 2022 received 95 iron sheets and 7.5 Kgs of Nails to help in roofing the Head Teachers house.

The construction of the said building started in 2017 by parents and when Covid-19 hit, work which was near completion came to standstill. The well-wishers later extended help to the completion of this building.

While handing over the iron sheets to Tindimwebwa Jackson the Head Teachers of the Kitojo primary school, the District education officer Vastina Beyendera said that the school requested for support from the district showing where they had reached in providing a shelter for the head teacher, something they saw as an achievement.

The Chairperson Rukiga District Hon Robert Kakwereere thanked parents for planning ahead in helping their school staff by providing them with shelter which will in turn help the beneficially in timely reporting to their duties.

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Tindimwebwa Jackson Karungi the Head Teachers Kitojo primary school who received iron sheets on behalf of the school told our reporter that ever since he was posted at the school in 2016, lack of residence at his workplace has been a big huddle especially making it hard for him in monitoring school activities. 

He said that it will be very easy for him to monitor activities taking place within the premises of the school thanking the district and the government for extending a such help to the school.

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Kakkora George the School’s chairman management committee also thanked the government and the well-wishers from Kampala for helping the school in their capacities and commended the head teacher for being cooperative in spearheading the development of the school.

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