Two suspected M23 rebels beaten to nearly death


KISORO- Two men suspected to be fighters in the Congolese M23 Rebel Group are currently admitted in hospital after they were attacked and badly beaten by an angry mob at the Bunagana border.

The two men were assaulted and nearly killed by Congolese locals before they were saved by Uganda’s UPDF soldiers and rushed to hospital.

The development comes amid flaring tempers and uncertainty at the border, following this week’s capture by the M23, of the Bunagana border town, forcing the Congolese government forces and hundreds of locals to flee into Uganda.

Fresh fighting erupted between Congolese army and the M23 rebels as the Congolese Army sought to recapture Bunagana Town, which fell into the M23 rebels hands on Monday this week. 

Kisoro Resident District Commissioner Hajji Shafique Ssekandi said the fighting was reported on Thursday between M23 and Congolese Army in places of Karambo, about 3 kilometers from Bunagana Town.

Ssekandi said that the tension at the border has left many people stranded on verandas, market place, under trees and in unfinished houses which is a security threat on the Ugandan side.

Following the capture of Bunagana, the M23 rebels reportedly blocked the Congolese soldiers and citizens from returning to the town from Uganda.

Ssekandi said that some of the locals were trying to get back to their homes to get food from their gardens but so far 571 new asylum seekers have reported to Nyakabande Transit Center from the yesterday fighting.