Over 600 graduate from Prime Vocational Institute


IGANGA– Over 600 students have graduated in different disciplines from Prime Vocational Institute, Bugabwe in Iganga district.

The graduated in different courses like brick laying, driving, hair dressing, plumbing, cater and cake baking , electrical installation and nursery teaching among others.

Of the 600 graduands, 450 were female and 150 males an indicates that girls have engaged in technical courses than boys compaired to past years.

The Principal of Prime Vocational Institute Bazira Micheal argued that parents should emphise their children to join short course like hair dressing to reduce on unemployment cases in the country. 

Per now, 38% of youths of Uganda are unemployed the trend that should be history if students enroll for trainings in course which will make them job creators than seekers.

“As a private institution we have faced anumber of challenges since we began eg lack of enough facilities for practice, high government revenue and many others. So we request the Minister of Education Janet Kataha to think on the ways of helping some of these institutes to keep in operation” Principal Micheal explains.

Meanwhile the Deputy Speaker of Iganga district Ruth Nakaima asked parents to first understand their children’s wants before forcing them to join certain institutions.

“Many students practice courses they don’t want because their ambitions are always mixed with parents targets” deputy speaker said.

Nakaima also asked parents not to only aim at formal education but also think of training them traditional nomals like the do’s and don’ts in public, respecting one another which will help our country to prosper.