Rukungiri woman expelled from the village over witchcraft


RUKUNGIRI– There was drama in Mbunda village, Nyakina parish in Buyanja Sub County, Rukungiri district on Friday after residents forced a woman in her 40s to leave their village for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

The victim is Kiconco Donanta who was exposed in front of a village meeting by Nantongo Faith who got married three months ago. Nantongo who hails from the same Parental village with the victim narrated to the residents that the latter has been practicing witch craft that killed many people in the area.

The revelation was made during the meeting that was organized by the leadership of Buyanja Sub County to create peace in Mbunda village as people cried out for help over escalating witchcraft practices they claim to have left many lives lost.

It is alleged that most women in Mbunda and surrounded areas are practicing witchcraft in a bid to have power and control over their husbands.

According to the statements made by Nantongo Faith, residents thereafter openly accused Donanta that she is behind the death and witch craft of some families in the area where some members are currently useless.

Sanyu Norah Byarugaba one of the residents revealed that Kiconco should be forced to bring back the lost senses of some residents she bewitched so that they can also be useful to their families.

Kazora Patrick, Nyensi Evas and Kanama Johnson all residents of the same area explained that the accused should be expelled from their village such that she can be an example of other women who also practice witch craft.

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Kiconco Donanta (the accused) accepted that she has been practicing witchcraft but requested the residents to forgive her and be given two days to prepare to leave their area.

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The Buyanja sub county chairperson Agaba Emmy Rubondo told residents that they should desist from witch craft since the practice hinders the development of their area and families.

Rubondo encouraged women to play their roles very well opposed to winning their husband’s and relatives’ trust.

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ASP Ruth Nabbale the Buyanja police post OC urged residents to always avoid mob justice but rather seek help and advice from their leaders and relevant authorities.

Nabbale advised the youths to work hard and always avoid peer groups that don’t earn them anything other than accusing people of initiating witchcraft onto them.

After the meeting, Kiconco was arrested to cool the tempers from the hearts of residents as they looked for way forward.