Parents urged to partake in their children upbringing


RUKUNGIRI– Parents have been advised to desist from the habit of leaving their children in the hands of house helpers if they want to groom up a generation that is reputable and able to carry on with life in future.

The message was on Saturday sounded by Igambirine Hilary from the President’s Patriotism Office and a motivational speaker as he addressed parents during the Annual Parents-Teachers General meeting as a guest speaker at Immaculate Heart Girls School Nyakibale in Eastern Division Rukungiri Municipality.

Igambirine implored the parents to inculcate religious and community morals into their children so that they are groomed well and morally upright given the number of challenges they are experiencing after the COVID-19 era.

He reminded the parents that children have for years changed their behaviour because of COVID-19 pandemic and their pre coronavirus days behaviour is different from today’s adding that parents should be ready to share the challenges.

He added that can only be possible if the parents create a conducive atmosphere for their children both at home and schools through supporting them with all the requirements and desisting from domestic violence acts that may disrupt their education potential.

He said that the homestead where children live is the first church, mosque, school for children where the parents are teachers and that they should not leave the responsibility of teaching the children to the school teachers alone.

He thanked them for choosing to teach their children from Immaculate Heart Girls School Nyakibale stressing that teachers have done all it takes to guide them on having a great future thus imploring parents to be watchful and help these learners to grow spiritually since their future is paramount.

Sister Gladyce Kachope addressing the PTA Meeting on Saturday

The school head teacher Sister Gladyce Kachope highlighted to the parents a number of achievements they were able to achieve although the situation was hit hard by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

She highlighted to the parents that the school has registered a progressive positive academic curve from 2013, something they should hail the school management for as well as their task as parents in providing for these learners.

Sr Kachope highlighted to them that the school is carrying on a number of projects including the Golden Jubilee block, 105 acres of banana plantation and a green house in Nyakabungo Parish, 14 acres of land in Ndorero, basketball court as well as creativity to do with the new abridged curriculum.

She called on the parents to always sieve the information they receive from children and social media rumors to do away with friction between them and the school administrators.

New PTA Chairman Zepher Mugisha addressing the meeting on Saturday

The PTA chairman Kagumaho Peter in a message read for him by Mugisha Zepher thanked the school leadership for ensuring the discipline of the learners that has in turn yielded good academic performance.  

He attributed the learners’ excellent academic performance to the existing cooperation between the parents, management and school administrators thus asking them to continue with the trend in achieving greater heights.

Arigye Odo the Kabale Diocesan Education Secretary asked parents of Ordinary level students to always give first priority to the school for Advanced level education to ensure progress performance at all levels.

Immaculate Heart Girls School Nyakibale B.O.D Chairman addressing parents

The meeting by consensus approved Zepher Mugisha to become their new Chairperson and maintained others who were on the committee to run their affairs.

Additional reporting by Micah Kamusiime