Sheema Municipality businessmen cry foul over stinking heaps of rubbish


SHEEMA- The Kabwohe Municipality business community in Sheema District are crying to the government to take action against the heaps of Rubbish spread all over the town.

According to the business people, strange diseases may erupt anytime if something is not done as soon as possible and that businesses are no longer going smoothly.

Elia Kateera, one of the concerned citizens and a business operator around town, says that Abel Kahara, the one in the mayor ship, deserves censorship in broad daylight because he has totally failed to perform his duties.

Cue in…………Kateera on rubbish RR

Murokore Byaruhanga and Ronald Biryomumaisho, other businessmen, told our reporter that people have even started running away from their businesses because of rubbish near their shops.

According to Namanya Darius, they have tried to inform the municipal officers on the same issue, who always give excuses of faulty trucks stressing that it’s unfortunate that the same trucks have on several occasions carrying building materials.

Cue in………….Traders on rubbish RR

Being a weekend, we couldn’t get municipal officers for their comments on these issues.