Former coffee marketing board employees decry embezzlement of their terminal benefits


KAMPALA- Years after the Government of Uganda paid the terminal benefits of close to 2,000 former employees of Coffee Marketing Board countrywide, most beneficiaries have failed to access their funds.

Although it’s alleged that the government released over Ugx 50Billion through M/s Kampala Associated Advocates through Basima Kabonesa to benefit the group, many have not received their pay since the funds are alleged to have been swindled, especially a group of 1991 employees.

Many former workers under the beneficiary category have died and efforts by their siblings and off springs to have the money paid have remained in vain under the hands of some corrupt officials for over ten years now since the Government paid the terminal benefits.

“Our struggle to get paid has been in vain, we have tried and been lied to by some actors and individuals whom we assume are benefiting at our expense” an anonymous source told the press.

The aggrieved group say they have tried all they can to have their issues resolved but all in vain thus seeking for media intervention so that the government can intervene into their matter.

“For instance, my father died chasing his terminal benefits. Our mother tried and died without any success. Our elder sister followed and died without getting the benefits and I was given the administration to follow up. I have been trying since 2017 to-date without any positive feedback” another source intimated to this reporter.

The complaints claim that the process is marred by a lot of unbearable intimidation from some bigwigs since most of them are helpless individuals.

“Please, I request that my identity be kept away due to the fact that these actors are so powerful and have always threatened us. There are very many helpless people including widows and orphans who need to be helped” a source said.

The complainants have on several occasions thought for assistance from authorities but no fruits of success have been achieved.

Below here are some of the letters they have so far written to authorities: