VIDEO: Cheating Ugandan man gets stuck in Woman’s legs


NEWS- Shocking news making rounds on social media continue to expose a man who got stuck in a married woman’s legs as the couple enjoyed bonking marathons.

The cheating couple planned to enjoy themselves and on the big day as by their schedule the game kicked off. However, amidst the game the man realised he couldn’t move his ‘hungry cassava’ anymore.

This forced them to sound an alarm that attracted neighbors and a video of the incident that happened in the Eastern District of Uganda Soroti was posted by NTV presenter Daddy Nyce and has since gone viral.

“Soroti Soroti Soroti…. Man with A Married woman gets stuck Paka wa musawo muteeso to unlock them, SOROTI WOMEN, I am not asking for any number from you Eeeeeee, But the husband of this woman osso, Why…..?” Nyce captioned the video.

In the video, a yet to be identified man and woman believed to be married to another man are seen in a Pickup vehicle covered in a white bed sheet with a man on top of the woman.

According to the reports from Soroti, the two had to first be taken to a witch doctor to unlock them.

As Daddy was questioning why a man had to do that to his woman, workmate Faridah Nakazibwe responded supporting the man’s decision. “Why not?

Watch the video here: