Bushenyi Again, Councilor’s wife filmed cheating in lodge, photos go viral


BUSHENYI –  The Kakanju sub county youth councilor Gumoshabe Chrisbelle has fired his wife Susan after catching her live in lodge sleeping with another man.

Our reporter has it clear that Susan who has been operating a small hotel in “KYAPS Kikuubo” in Ishaka town was has for a longtime been engaged in secret relationship until the day the side dish captured her live while enjoying their good moments.

The photos and videos have since hit social media like wildfire shocking residents and his husband Chrisbelle who decided to fire her.

Susan has been officially married to Chrisbelle with 2 kids and the duo have had some good time in marriage. They’re are residents of Kakanju Sub-county in Bushenyi district.

“They called the reverend because they were married officially (okugitwa) who decided that the marriage should end”, a close source told our reporter.

Our reporter has it that the man who enjoyed Susan’s seed also comes from Bushenyi district and works with Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipal Council.

This incident is not the First of it’s kind in Bushenyi district. Recently a nurse was also caught on video while enjoying sex with a teenager.

The most trending story is that of the former Kyabugabo Parish Councilor Nabukera Annah which also shocked residents of Bushenyi district and the entire internet users across the globe as she screamed while enjoying bed sessions with a youthful man. 

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