Rukungiri Amaziba Sacco, a game changer in financial management


NEWS- The Rukungiri district Commercial Officer Adams Bwisho has urged members of Rukungiri Amaziba Sacco to invest more in their share capital in order to ensure that the Sacco spurs into greater development.

Bwisho made the revelation today while speaking during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Rukungiri Amazima Sacco that was held at Rukungiri community church in Rukungiri municipality.

Bwisho said that buying more shares, saving in addition to borrowing money from the Sacco are the best ways to recapitalize Sacco operations to serve its members without a strain.

Pastor Elaisha Kakwerere, one of the Sacco founders under Amaziba Ministries revealed that they are ready to work hard and achieve the Sacco goals without disappointing members.

On behalf of Rukungiri Amazima Sacco, Kakwerere promised to always keep individual transactions privacy for the safety of their finances and operations.

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Elizabeth Niyompera the Sacco manager told the meeting that they are aiming at empowering people economically and asked members to trust them with their finances knowing that their money is protected.

Niyompera called upon Sacco members to mobilize and recruit more members into the Sacco as one of their strategies towards developing.

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Rukungiri Amaziba Sacco started in August 2020 with 30 members but currently has a membership of over 300.