KYOKWIJUKA DESMOND MISRI! Why is Ugandan media dying away


OPINION– Media in Uganda, is completely down and this is because everyone can start a media house. Those who have rights start media houses but will hardly monitor what’s happening on air.

We have seen politicians starting radio stations, Televisions and other forms of media for political programs. They will use these Media stations to oppress their political Foes instead of giving information to the public.

The workers on these Media houses will enter in the war which is not theirs, hate that particular politician without any reason when you ask them.

Sometimes these presenters will focus on promoting hatred, hate speech instead of being of voice to the voiceless.

Without mentioning any radio station,or pinning any radio, Most politicians in Kigezi region have been a prey, especially those with no radio stations, their songs wouldn’t be played at any radio station even if they had money during last general election because maybe the owner of that radio station is having inclination to other politicians.

Some of candidates who suffered so much in last election included Alan’s Mark, Osica Katsya, Gregory Mugabe, Mugisha zephyr among others. I think this was not good, but because these radio stations in Kigezi region which are either owned by politicians or the owners had people they were fronting. It was hard to some politicians to get air play.

Dr chris Baryomunsi had his own radio station, Kaberuka James had his own radio stations and the opponents now would struggle for the only radio station which was not for politician (KBS radio), however I can’t tell what would transpire on the radio.

It was not only in Kanungu but even in Rukungiri things were worse, there two radio stations and all owned by politicians. Hon Fred Turyamuhweza would travel from Rukungiri to Kanungu, Boona had its own issues as Dr Warren, Naboth Namanya would always complain.

In Kabale David Bahati enjoyed airwaves than any other politician. The media, has changed completely. When I was being trained, our trainer would tell us that never you move with any politicians in car because you will be bribed. I wonder if you can report ill about someone one who gave you free transport.

If am wrong here you can even correct me, some of these journalist ask for money before even they come to report news. I wonder what kind of news. 

We have seen many complaining during functions how they are not being catered for, others are already compromised, they will report stories hitting some one, go on air freezing someone because you think he is not picking up your calls.

I suggest, there should be laws biding journalist to speak without fear, let owners of radio give respect to their workers too. I have been a victim of this since 2019. There is a time when I was even suspended on orders of some politicians, because they were removed from NRM book and when I read their names that they came begging to be back to NRM book, they reported me.

The issue was they supported JPAM, some of them thought were bigger than the party, anyway let’s leave pie as pie.

The Writer is Desmond MISRI Kyokwijuka

Veteran Media Personality