Kanungu District hailstorm victims receive more Relief Food

Hailstorms ravage Bushenyi district, Residents left for death

KANUNGU– The Office of the Prime Minister has released more food relief to the people whose crops were destroyed by rainfall in the month of May 2022.

According to a letter from the Office of the Prime Minister dated June 20th 2022, and signed by Geoffrey Sseremba on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, Kanungu District was allocated 20,000 kgs of maize flour and 10,000 kgs of beans.

The letter indicate that the relief food will be distributed to Mpungu, Kinaba, Rugyeyo, Rutenga, Kambuga, Nyanga Sub counties and Kanungu Town Council which were devastated by heavy rainfall and hailstorm. 

The communication from the Office of the Prime Minister indicate that the allocation of the food relief was response to the letter written by Minister of ICT and National Guidance Hon Dr Chris Baryomunsi wrote highlighted the plight the plight of the affected people.

Sseremba made it categorically clear that the food relief is not meant for general distribution but is strictly targeting the families and persons directly affected by the rainfall and mostly the most vulnerable like those headed by widows, the sick, the old, child headed households people living with HIV/AIDS and people living with disability. 

The Office of the Prime Minister also directed that the LC 5 Chairperson and Area Members of Parliament be kept in the know in regard to the process of distribution of the relief food and the targeted people.