Minister Anite urges Ugandan farmers to diversify into non traditional cash crops


MITYANA– The Minister of State for Investment and Privatisation Hon Evelyn has urged Ugandan farmers to diversify their crops and introduce new cash crops.

Minister Anite made the remarks on June 23rd 2022 after completing a guided tour of Amafh Farms that is specialising in growing Macadamia Nuts in Nambale village in Mityana District.

Minister Anite who was on fact finding tour was accompanied by the Chairman Board of Directors of Uganda Investment Authority Morrison Rwakakamba and the Director General Robert Mukiza.

The farm is located on a 700 acres land and also grows maize, vegetable, eucalyptus trees and rears goats among other Agricultural items.

Minister Anite speaks to journalists after the tour of Amafh Farms in Mityana District

According to the Director General of Amafh Farms, Morvi Asim macadamia nuts are the world’s most nutritious nuts, and they are mostly eaten as flavoured snacks.

Morvi told the Minister that the macadamia fruits are processed to produce produce Macarica, Saltrica and mixrica sweet foods. He said that the trees can last for 90 years and can  fetch up to Ugx 30 million.

Alafh Farms have started an out growers program which has enabled about 1500 farmers across the district get access to seedlings and grow macadamia and supply it to them.

Morvi Asim points at the macadamia fruits as Minister Anite looks on tother with the Morrison Rwakakamba the Uganda Investment Authority Board Chairman.

Along side macadamia we have diversified in animal and livestock keeping such goats, sheep and chicken for nutritional values.

The nut kernels are pressed to produce macadamia nut oil which is used for culinary and cosmetics applications and the oil is very good and can be used as a substitute for other oils for making many dishes.

It has a higher smoke point than other oils that it is very good for sausaging, roasting, and grilling. 

Scientists have confirmed that macadamia oil has good heart health benefits with high monounsaturated fats.

The Director of Amafh Farms Morvis Amis tells the media how they grow and process Macadamia Nuts.

Under the umbrella of MACADAMIA FAMILY Agricultural Extension Services, the collection centre staff give outgrowers technical advice on orchard maintenance and post-harvest handling of macadamia nuts in addition to buying the nuts harvested by the outgrowers soon after de-husking.

After the guided tour, the Minister noted that Macadamia growing provides the value chain where a product is grown on Ugandan soils and processed to final product and this is what the the government of Uganda is looking up to in order to provide much needed employment opportunities and processed products for export.

Morvis said that the seedlings spend up to 15 months in the nursery bed after which its transferred to the mother garden and takes up to 4 years before it starts producing fruits which are harvested year in year out.