Kabale district registers 17 new Covid-19 cases

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NEWS– Kabale district has confirmed 17 new cases of covid-19 for the last two weeks according to Paddy Mwesigye the assistant Kabale District Health Officer in charge of child and maternal health.

Mwesigye said that in the last two weeks, the district registered 17 new cases among whom some are under home based care and others being monitored by a team of health workers.

He is concerned over laxity by the public in implementation of standard operating procedures like it used to be in the past lockdowns to control the rapid spread of coronavirus. 

The assistant DHO sounded a warning to the public to again put in use standard operating procedures if it is to minimize the rate at which the virus is spreading.

He implored the public to turn up at all nearby health facilities for vaccination against the virus saying that the district has enough doses.

Cue in………Mwesigye on Covid-19