Minister Baryomunsi urges District Councillors to support Parish Development Model


KANUNGU– The Minister for ICT and National Guidance Hon Dr Chris Baryomunsi has urged the politicians at all levels in Kanungu District to discard the politics of divisionism and embrace the newly introduced Parish Development Model programme. 

Minister Baryomunsi made the remarks on Monday June 27th 2022, while addressing the selected district leaders who were attended a one day stakeholders meeting at Kanungu District Headquarters.

The stakeholders meeting was attended by the District Councillors, District Women, PWD, Youth, Elders and Veterans Council Executives and District Heads of Departments.

The Minister explained that, the Parish Development Model programme is a symbolic strategy that has been designed by the government to ensure that the 39% people still living in subsistance farming become commercial farmers.

Minister Baryomunsi called for Patriotism, Pan Africanism, good democratic governance and economic social transformation in order to develop their areas without discrimination. 

Dr Baryomunsi said that the Parish Development Model programme has been designed using a strong policy that makes it one of the strongest programs that will transform the communities. 

The Minister warned the Parish Development Model programme implementors against using corrupt tendencies because they will be closely monitored and anyone found doing negatively will be arrested.

Minister Baryomunsi explained that the Parish Development Model is built on 7 pillars all which are expected to be followed by the people so that Agricultural practices are unform from production to processing in order to attract value for money to benefit the farmers.

However, many women said that they were not comfortable after the government announced that the Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Fund (UWEP) was incorporated into the Parish Development Model and appealed to the Minister to ensure that its returned to its fold.

However the Minister explained that the UWEP funds under the Parish Development Model programme will be increased and accessible to many women than it is currently.

The District Woman Councillor for People With Disabilities expressed concern that many PWD may fail to benefit from the Parish Development Model programme because most of them are immobile and failed to be registered for group formation and requested that government should consider finding them at their homes.

Kihihi Town Council Councilor Rogers Tumwesigye told the Minister that he was concerned why the government made a flat amount to give to parishes at Ugx 100 million whereas some parishes have many cells and population than others and gave an example of a parish which has only 4 cells compared to another with 17 cells.

The stakeholders also expressed fear that some Parish Chiefs have personalised the Parish Development Model programme and are excluding people who are bonafide beneficiaries because of their inability to meet the requirements of forming groups and said that people outside the poverty line who have been benefiting from all the past government programs are the ones who have been registered. 

However, Minister Baryomunsi said that the Parish Development Model programme is a new strategy to fight poverty among the 39% people who have been identified to live below poverty line and as it rolls out,  those who have formed groups yet are not the bonafide beneficiaries will be identified and removed.

Kanungu District Chairman Eng Sam Arinaitwe Kajojo who attended the meeting said that Parish Development Model programme is a good program and if well implemented, it will help the people to get out of poverty.

The District has put in place technical staff that will move from sub County and Town Council sensistising the people about the Programme and will also find out if the the Parish chiefs who are the focal point persons at parish level have followed the guidelines that were put in place by the government to be followed in the implementation process.