Councilor wants council’s representative to Kabale University Council nulfied


KABALE– The central division district councilor Leopold Twesigye has petitioned the Kabale district chief Administrative Officer Edmond Ntimba seeking his intervention and guidance to nullify an election in which the central and Northern female councilor Verah Tumuheki was elected as the council representative to the Kabale University council.

Tumuheki was elected on 21st June 2022 by Kabale district council as a representative to the Kabale University council in an election that was presided over by the clerk to council Gordon Manzi where she garnered 18 votes against his closest competitor and the Lyakarimira town council male district councilor March Boaz who polled 16.

In March this year, the council failed to get the representative because the matter was forwarded to the solicitor-general for guidance on whether to choose the representative by nomination or election before the solicitor general guided that the council representative should be chosen through an election.

Last month, the matter was again put on the order paper and the two interested members including the Lyakarimira town council male district councilor male district councilor March Boaz as well as the central and Northern divisions’ female councilor Verah Tumuheki tied up at 17votes.

Now, through his lawyers of M/S Mujurizi Arinitwe and Byamikama Advocates, the speaker of the council Flavia Nyinakiiza Kanagizi is accused of leaving her seat to cast the vote in favor of one of the candidates which they claim that it is against the law and unheard of. 

According to the section 11(9) (a) and (c) of local government act Cap 234, the speaker shall perform functions including presiding over all meetings of the council and that he or she shall as a person perform functions which are similar to those of the speaker of parliament. He also says that the speaker contravened with rules 45 and 62(2) and (3) of the standard rules of procedure.

Leopold who doubles as the leader of opposition in kabale district council through his lawyers wants the Chief Administrative Officer not to submit Tumuheki’s name to the Kabale University Council before a fresh election is conducted in the next district council session.


When asked about the petition, the Kabale district speaker Flavia Nyinakiiza Kanagizi said that she was told by the clerk to council Gordon Manzi that the letter was served to her in the office while the Chief Administrative Officer Edmond Ntimba said that he is yet to receive the petition.