Crane foundation, Rugarama Hospital pioneer “stop Kavera” campaign to save Environment


KABALE– The East Africa Regional Manager International Crane Foundation and endangered wildlife Dr. Adalbert Aineomucunguzi has called for an immediate ban on usage of  polyethene bags in the country.

Dr. Aineomucunguzi made the appeal today while sensitizing Rugarama hospital staff on the health risks of polyethene bags in a function that took place at the hospital premises in northern division, Kabale Municipality.

Citing how the neighboring countries that have banned the usage of polyethene bags, Dr. Aineomucunguzi said that there is a need for Parliament to gazette law or policy mandating the ban of polythene bags and that this should not be politicized. 

He implored Rugarama hospital staff to advise clients to stop sneaking polyethene bags into the hospital.


Agaba Philip, an administrator at Rugarama Hospital told our reporter that the hospital in partnership with International Crane Foundation has launched a campaign dubbed “stop Kavera” to Save the Environment.

He said that the campaign is aimed at stopping the usage of polyethene bags in and around the hospital for one month effective 1st July 2022 in order to save and conserve the environment.

Agaba said that most of the time clients have been fond of carrying and eating food packed in polyethene bags, something that is harmful to human life, crops, domestic animals, water and oxygen that people consume.

He added that no client with a polyethene bag shall now be allowed to cross the hospital gates stressing that it’s done to conserve the environment and protecting lives of people.