“Striking Arts teachers know nothing about values of Scientists” says Minister Jim Muhwezi


RUKUNGIRI– Uganda’s Security Minister, Jim Katugugu Muhwezi has said that Arts teachers need Kyankwanzi training to understand the ideology of the government.

While sensitizing leaders of Bugangari sub county in Rukungiri district about the Parish Development Model, Muhwezi said that Arts teachers did not know the ideology of the NRM government which he said is reason they are not teaching Ugandan children today.

“We are committed to enhancing salaries of all civil servants but we started with Scientists, others will follow very soon. Am worried some people here in our Country don’t know the value of scientists but other countries know it very well. Am a lawyer by profession though not a teacher but I can teach students and get score ‘A’, but if a woman here needs surgery, I cannot try at all coz not anymore can manage apart from doctors,” he said.

He added that there is no way the government can tamper with salaries of scientists, including science teachers because its only way of seducing scientists to come back into the country.

According to him, in 2016, Over 6,000 Ugandan doctors were working in South Africa because they give them better pay and the government cannot keep training for export when we don’t have enough here.

He added that the Country wants doctors at the sub county level and he’s hopefully that with a better pay, they will come from where they had gone for green pasture and operate from here.

“I want you to urge your brothers, sisters and children who are teaching arts and those in Primary Schools just to calm down as we are looking for money to enhance their pay. They should know that all the developing countries have promoted Science and if we are to get there we must also promote scientists and science teachers” he added.

The Minister however revealed that the Parish Develoment model being ushered in by the government of Uganda to fight poverty among the household shall not discriminate the population.

Minister Muhwezi thanked the people of Bugangari for voting him together with President Museveni and pledged to deliver service to the people therein.

He encouraged the community to embrace this program since its aimed at developing Ugandans by acquiring money to help them engage in productive activities without any collateral like in banks thus making it easy for people to get out of poverty.

Rukungiri District Resident Commissioner Stephen Bewayo Nsubuga asked the people of Bugangari to choose the enterprises of their choice so that they start poverty eradication immediately.

Rukungiri District Chief Admnistartive Officer Hajji Wasswa Maskoi expressed concern over the ever increasing cases of domestic violence in the district thus asking the couples to engage in this program so that they earn for their families since related cases are ignited by poverty.