KATUSABE JUNIOR PETER: Openly advises Museveni on teachers Strike in an open letter

“We’re watching whatever you’re doing” US ambassador, UN, EU warn Tibuhaburwa

LETTER– Dearest Mr President! Salutations. I welcome you from our neighbors Rwanda last week where you Mr President and host of over 50 heads of government under common wealth convened in Kigali to reflect on achievements and challenges ex British colonies have gone through since formation of the club. 

Traversing through Gatuna boarder by road was so fascinating and the citizens both in South West corner of Uganda and the counterparts in Rwanda were exceedingly humbled. Thank you for mending co existence with our uncle Kagame and leading as an example of statesmen of our generation. 

You recieved the greatest standing ovation in Rwanda than Borris Johnson nor Prince Charles, the in coming king of Britain (UK). U made us proud Mr President and continue to pray u live longer until 2040 when u will exactly be 96,the exact age when Mandera, Mugabe, Moi etc departed from us to join angels and rejoice in heaven.

That aside Mr President, upon your return, you found the starbon Filbert Baguma and his 100,000 troops on sit down strike, allegedly that they were discriminated and earning just paltry 500,000shs per month despite the skyrocketing costs of living.

The above group has entered week 3 on sit down and not stepping in any government school Mr President. This has grossly affected 2022 school calendar and UNEB reports that over 30000 students of S4&6 have missed deadline late registration for this year. Those are already 30000 bright futures whose light has been blown Mr President.

I’m aware that as a revolutionary leader your focus has been on economic transformation and uplifting our miserable lives from distitutes to Lords by 2040. This you have tried your best through policy formulation and budgetory allocations Mr President. We have managed to curb poverty population from about 60% in 1986 to about 25% in 2021 and about 39% of households have remained in subsistence sector from 69% in 2016. The figures are workmanship of Dr Cris Mukiza my brother from Kisoro who is CEO at UBOS.

Recently Mr President you declared we had also attained lower middle income status, only to be told by UNDP and World Bank that this would be confirmed in 2025 after sustaining the 1000$ per capita mark for 3 years consecutively. We are working out our efforts Mzee to support this status quo so that we get international accreditation and stop being regarded as indingents and broke population during world summits.

Back to education. Your Excellency all your brilliant vision and ideas are null if they find an illeterate and poorly educated youthful population. The poorly educated population will not only be a state burden in providing social services but will equally lower down our per capita through redundancy and minimal productivity. As you are aware, we are the second largest young population world wide after Niger at Midian age of 14.5 yrs.

This population is projected to hit 50M in 2023 and 100M in 2040 when we should be realising our much cherished vision 2040. The onus of preparing this population is through critical and well designed education system that prepares this population right from birth to graduation from University when they join working sector.

This process begins with pre and primary education. Your Excellency Excellency in science does not begin at secondary and high school, it is a workmanship of the primary teacher who introduced concepts like digestive system, Nutrition, reproductive system, light, speed, sets, algebra, angles, smulteneous equations, pie charts, matrix, pollination, etc. Your Excellency this foundation is built by the starbon team of Filbert Baguma. 

The shaky the foundation, the shaky the science foundation at UCE and UACE. Despite science salary enhancement for science teachers, as long as Baguma and team feed garbage to USE (O level),no Amount of millions will convert that garbage of students to cream.

Mr President the entire education system of Uganda is formed at primary level. The poorer the grades at this level, the higher the frustration of manufacturing Scientists. It therefore beats my understanding when my auntie Cathy Bitarakwate as she is oftenly called at home  harshly reacts to our mansions establishing the education foundation of our nation and threatens them with sucking from payroll rather than critically addressing structural problems of poor remuneration they are raising out. 

This is like entering heated urgument with a surgeon in the theatre ahead of operation. Mr President this is terrible and suicidal for the next 50 Million Ugandans who are going to come after our generation.

Your Excellency last year alone, share notes with mama Janet about UCE results, 90% of candidates never got Passes in Physics and Chemistry. This was the gabbage Philbert and team had sent to S1 the previous 4 years. Mr President this means even if you enhanced O level Scientists with 1000% pay rise, with gabbage coming from team Philbert, forget about producing Scientists for our industry, health, research and Agriculture. 

We shall continue to have unskilled young population without skills and only talented in cramming Shakespeare and Napoleon Bonaparte, totally irrational to our economy.

Your Excellency it’s my simple advise, despite my low status and occupation that you give attention to UNATU and address their concerns so that we revamp our education system from primary level. Enhance their salaries as agreed in 2018 Collective bargaining agreement that PS public service signed on behalf of government with union leaders.

I also advise that the wage bill in MDAs is reviewed to cut luxury wages of technocrats earning above 10M monthly to cater for additional 1M on each primary school teacher who actually led the production of the brilliant PS and Director at the ministry and government agencies like KCCA, Vision, UCDA, Vice chancrllors and members of Parliament.

Mr President henceforth as you consider reports from her Excellency the vice president on yesterday’s meeting with UNATU, bear in mind that science education is a chain that begins with my primary school teacher at Kyakabugahya primary school or Birembo primary school that sets another step where secondary science builds from. 

Mr President if the ground floor of our education is not given adequate cement,re enforcement and hardcore where other pillars are going to be built on,in the next generation no wonder we shall collapse as a country together with the children of your arrogant technocrats and ministers who instead of fixing primary education are rather insulting the mansions of our future and intimidating them with sucking  and firing them in 7 days, 15 days and so on.

I hope this long but highly thought of piece of letter finds you in jovial mood and relax your too much love and recognition of secondary school science teachers at the expense of the unsung heroes who prepare our generation to undergo advanced and medium science training in secondary and university levels.

Greetings to first lady and minister for science Dr Musenero and humbly ask them to reflect on these intellectual words from the rural poorly educated young boy in Kagadi, Kagadi district, Western Uganda and whether they could make some sense ahead of final negotiations with UNATU.

Thank you for your usual guidance to the nation and always accomodating feedback from your Bazukulu upcountry.

The author is a pioneer UPE pupil of 1997 at Kyenzige* *Primary School* , kagadi who scored aggregate 9 and subsequently went on to attain *Hon’s  First class* at kyambogo university in *2014* in Development Studies. He is currently a law student at the Uganda Pentecostal University and an active social development advocate and Philantropist.