Rugarama hospital stranded with two abandoned children


KABALE– The Administration of Rugarama Hospital in northern division, Kabale Municipality is stranded with two abandoned girl children.

The victims are Trust Niwakora, 5 years old a resident of Mushanje cell, Nyakishenyi parish, Ikumba subcounty in Rubanda West County, Rubanda district who was abandoned by her parents after being burnt seriously by fire. The other victim is Mercy Wayesu, 6 years who was discovered helpless in a tree plantation by residents in Kyanamira Sub-county in Kabale district three years back.

According to the report issued by Rugarama Hospital, Niwakora trust got burnt by fire on 24th April 2022 when she got close to the pan of beans boiling on fire where it caught her dress hence burning her. The report also shows that Niwakora was rescued by her grandfather after the unceasing cries from other two helpless children but she sustained extensive burns something that inspired her parents one Joshua and Annah Tumuhirwe to opt for local herbs until the wounds became septic.

Dr. Bayega Ivan, a medic and surgical ward officer at Rugarama hospital said that on 1st May 2022, Niwakora was admitted at the hospital for treatment, all went well and she was steadily improving. He adds that on 2nd June 2022, her wounds were ready for skin graft but the parents decided to run away from the hospital with her because of the financial constraints.

He added that the tragedy left nurses at the hospital uncomfortable and prompted to make a search and follow-up where they found out that the mother had abandoned her at one of the pastors’ home for prayers, something that developed strong foul smell from the septic wounds.

Bayega also said that after lengthy discussion with the family and phone calls from the hospital, Niwakora was re-admitted at the hospital with severely malnourished and anemic wounds.


Loy Bariyanga an aunt to the victim also a resident of Mushanje cell, Nyakishenyi parish, Ikumba subcounty in Rubanda West County, Rubanda district who is now taking care of the victim said that ever since she was abandoned, the parents switched off their phones.


Komujuni Nayebare, the acting in charge pediatric ward at Rugarama hospital says that Mercy Wayesu another abandoned child was brought at the facility in 2019 after a good Samaritan found her abandoned and left to die in the bush. Komujuni said that Mercy had nothing, not even a name but after warming and feeding her, they noticed that she had a smile.

She noted that Mercy was born with congenital growth disorders in that she cannot talk, walk, sit or even control her bladder and bowels a reason she suspects that led her family to abandon her.


On an average, Rugarama hospital receive 2-3 babies annually abandoned by their families and most of them stay at the hospital for about 4-6 months before they get families to adopt them.