Teargas rock Jinja City as taxi operators protest skyrocketing fuel prices


NEWS– Taxi drivers in Jinja city are holding a sit-down strike to protest the skyrocketing prices of fuel in the country. Residents woke up to bare streets as taxi drivers stayed in the park.

Hassan Kirunda, a taxi driver, said “the business is no longer sustainable because of increasing prices of petrol.”“We can’t keep increasing the fare because it’s unaffordable for passengers. The business is not profitable at all. We want the government to find a way of subsidizing fuel.”

Police moved in to clear bonfires lit in the middle of some of the streets in the former industrial city.

The warning comes at a time of increased prices of consumer goods such as paraffin and food as a result of the high cost of fuel.

Critics say the government is not doing enough to help the public cope with the tough economic times.

The government has refused to introduce subsidies, saying they are not only sustainable but could lead to the collapse of the economy.

In last week’s presidential address, President Museveni provided no short-term solutions to the skyrocketing fuel and food prices that the country is grappling with, saying they would take a narrow path that would lead them to salvation.

President Museveni said government interventions by cutting taxes or subsidies would mislead the people to continue to consume without economizing the commodities thus plugging the country into more trouble.

A litre of petrol goes for Shs 6,700 in Jinja city.