Kisoro Woman chased from village over adultery & alcoholism

Nyirantezimana folding a matress

NEWS- A woman in her 40’s has been dismissed from the village in Busamba, Mugaza parish in Chahi Sub County, Kisoro District for neglecting her family  due to too much love for alcohol and men.

The victim is Nyirantezimana Flavia who has been married to a 47 year old Ndagijimana Denis for 22 years, and they have been blessed with six children.

According to community reports, Nyirantezimana has been unbearable to both the community and her husband for a long period due to lack of respect for them and being a public nuisance.

After being caught live by her children having carnal knowledge with another man, her husband who has been in Kampala for the last four months decided to come and seek for interventions from the community members.

In a sitting held at Ndagijimana’s home, community members confirmed that Nyirantezimana has become a wife to many due to alcoholism. They unanimously decided to send at her back to her father’s home so that she can rehabilitate herself.

A temporary separation agreement was signed by both the wife and husband in presence of the Kisoro district probation officer.


Speaking to, Ndagijimana noted that he has lived in depression for over ten years due to constant reports from his children and community members about indecent behaviors of her wife but he was reluctant to make rush decisions until she produced a baby for another man.


The Kisoro district probation officer, Kampire Moira warned women against cheating on their husbands because no man can withstand it and advised women to take care of themselves, avoid insults from their own children who catch them cheating on their fathers.


She added that women are not supposed to sleep out of their homes just to please other men and expose their children from being produced with legal husbands to poor conditions.


Meanwhile, Nyirantezimana says that she has always slept at her employer’s home to avoid continuous and unbearable whips and kicks from her own sons. She declined to ask for forgiveness.