Mbale floods death rate rises to 22


NEWS– The death toll of the Mbale city flood victims has increased to 22 people after 12 more bodies were recovered  from River Nabuyonga today morning in Mbale City Industrial Division.

The 10 were traveling in a super custom, which plunged into the river following the heavy rains that pounded the town on Saturday evening. 

According to the Police this brings to 20, the number of bodies recovered following the Saturday night disaster currently, the Police and residents are using ropes to pull the vehicle from the river.

Unconfirmed reports show that the deceased were heading to Kabwangasi sub-county in Butebo district from Kampala for an introduction ceremony and Musa Mutiwa, one of those who helped to retrieve the bodies, said that they had managed to pull out 8 bodies.

The Mbale City Resident Commissioner, Ahamda Washaki told the Prime Minister Rt Hon Robinna Nabbanja there are fears that many more people could have died from the floods and are their bodies still in the water and said that there is a need to deploy the Police Marine Unit to search for the missing bodies.

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