Deputy Speaker Tayebwa blames poverty in Busoga on high birthrate


NEWS– The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Thomas Tayebwa has revealed that high birth rate in Busoga Region is the Major factor leding the area to poverty.

According to him, many Busoga areas are highly populated due to early marriege and rampant school drop outs at all Education levels especially Primary levels.

Its also said many families in the area are populated due high unemployment and the only business is enjoying themselves than looking for jobs.

“It’s only in Busoga Sub Region where you find someone spending more than he or she earns dairy” said Tayebwa.

He encouraged them to spend little less on what they earn and save the rest if they want to raise their standard of living.

Deputy Speaker Tayebwa was officiating at the collection of pool towards the construction of Schools and Health Centres in Kigulu South Constituency, Ianga district.

“Land fragmentation in Busoga has contributed to the increase in poverty where by a family of twenty members divide 2 acres of land among themselves in addition to hiring such tiny pieces to Sugar cane growers. This won’t foster development” Deputy speaker explains.

A total of Ugx 54 million from different Members of Parliament, in addition to 200 iron sheets and 10 beds that the Speaker pledged.

Meanwhile the third Prime Minister Isanga Lukia Nakadama emphasized Unity and Harmony among Busoga leaders which will be the main factor to foster Development.

The area MP Kigulu South Constituency Milton Muwuma Kalulu explained that all the Speaker said is true however stressing that his area lacks enough health facilities especially in rural areas, government schools lack staff quarters adding that this money will help to solve some of those issues.

“Eliminate politics from the development, most of the Politicians in Busoga usually fight fellows projects because of Politics” said Muwuma.