Speaker Among tasks Parents to shape their children morally upright


MITOOMA– The Parliamentary Commissioner Hon. Prossy Akampurira Mbabazi has asked parents to always teach good morals to their children if they are to shape their future.

The commissioner made the remarks on Sunday while representing the speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Annet Anitah Among as the guest of honour at a Fundraising towards the construction of Holy Matyrs Ryakahimbi parish in Mitooma Towncouncil, Mitooma district that was attended by over 60 legislators.

She noted that most parents have left their children untouchable which she says has shrinked their discipline hence a need to go back to the earlier methods of disciplining children.

Delivering his message on the same function, the internal affairs Minister Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire who doubles as the area Member of Parliament asked people to be hard-working and use the little resources God gave them to fight poverty.

The host legislator, the Woman Member of Parliament Mitooma District Agasha juliet Bashisha asked for continued cooperation among the legislators if they are to fight for a common goal since they were all elected to work for people.

Meanwhile Rev Father Gerevaz Mugabe, the Ryakahimbi parish priest noted that they have managed to collect over Ugx 100 million and asked people to stop being segregative basing on religion when it comes to development.