Museveni condoles Mbale floods victims with Ugx 5 million


NEWS– President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has contributed Ugx 5 million as condolence fund for each of the flood victims in Mbale.

The money is being delivered to the bereaved families by the Minister for the Presidency, Hon Babirye Milly Babalanda who arrived in Mbale yesterday evening.

According to official reports, 23 people have been confirmed dead following heavy rains that came down following a long dry spell and most were victims who were swept into River Nabuyonga when it burst its banks.

Hon Babalanda told journalists today morning that each of the families will receive Ugx 5 million for every victim as condolences, and to help in burial arrangements, totaling Ugx 115 million.

In the President’s message delivered by Babalanda to the families and the people of Mbale, Museveni describes the occurrence as regrettable, but says it is partly caused by failure of people to take his advice on the issue of protecting the environment.

President Museveni noted in the massage that Uganda cannot afford to lose any more lives and to continue spending big sums of money to resettle those affected at a time and ordered all people who have reclaimed the wetlands to vacate them with immediate effect.

The President also assured the displaced persons that the government of Uganda through the Office of the Prime Minister will assist them in all ways possible.