President Museveni promotes 773 Police Officers


NEWS– President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces has promoted a total of 773 Senior Police officers from the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police to Assistant Inspector General of Police.

The news about Senior Police Officers promotion was today afternoon announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs Maj Gen Kahiinda Otafiire who said that the President is vested with powers under section 9(i) of the Police Act to promote the Senior Police Officers.

Minister Kahinda Otafiire who is also the chairman of the Police Authority said that other ranks will also been considered for promotion at a later time.

He explained that whereas the new promotions come with an increment in their salaries, it is not entirely about salary increment but in recognition for their diligent service to the force and country at large.

“They have been promoted due to diligent service rendered, duration of their service, record of service and existence of vacancies to be filled.”

The latest promotion is the first of gazetted officers in the Police force in a period of 6 years, as the last promotion was done in February 2016 under the leadership of Gen Kale Kayihura and since then, these had been put on a halt.

It should be remembered that the delay to promote the Senior Police officers saw a number of Police Directors serve in their new positions in acting capacity since their ranks were not in tandem with their new offices.

However, the latest development will see at least 5 of the Directors promoted to Assistant Inspector General of Police and this consequently means they will now be confirmed in their positions since they have acquired the prerequisite rank to hold the respective offices.