Kabale Municipality residents, UNRA bicker over drainage channels


KABALE– Residents of Igabiro cell, Mwanjari ward southern Division Kabale Municipality have vowed to petition the Ministry of works and transport over Kabale Municipal Council and Uganda National Roads Authority channeling drainage system to their houses.

Speaking to our reporter, the aggrieved residents said that before the construction of Mwanjari business center, water had its channel connecting to river Kiruruma.

They say that running water from Mwanjari business center has caused a lot of suffering and the situation becomes worse when it rains.

Some of the concerned residents, Mwesiga Ivan, Robinah Kakwangiire, and Atamba Ebenezer say that they have been extending their concerns to the two parties of Kabale Municipal and UNRA but all in vain.

They added that UNRA told them that they were compensated yet they have never received any single coin from the two parties.

The aggrieved residents added that they were surprised to see the Engineer instructing his workers to continue channeling water culverts into their places yet he already told about the situation they are passing through.

Robinah Kakwangire adds that at 50, she had never had sleepless nights until the construction of the Business center.

Atamba Ebenezer, a grandchild to Lydia Kururagiire said that the running water has given him sleepless nights trying to protect his grandmother and their house.

Ebenezer adds that a lot of money has been wasted on renovation of their house caused by this running water.

“We are neither terrorists nor fighting the government to be the reason why they directly channeled water into our homes,” aggrieved residents added.

Cue in……..Aggrieved Chairperson

The village Chairperson Igabiro cell Athenazious Mugasi and his Mwanjari Ward counterpart Rurekyera Andrew say that they addressed their grievances to UNRA who complied but they were shocked on listening to the mayor on a phone call with their Manager telling him not to address the aggrieved residents but rather concentrate on his work.

The chairpersons add that UNRA never compensated anybody in their villages and those that the Authority claims to have compensated are from other cells.

They accused the Kabale Municipality Mayor Sentaro Byamugisha for politicizing the situation saying that even though they opposed him in last elections, he should know that they are also Ugandans and need equal services.

They vowed to petition the Ministry of Works and transport if their grievances are not addressed.

 Cue in……….. Residents

Speaking to our reporter on a phone call, the Kabale Municipality Mayor directed the aggrieved residents to go and sort their issues with UNRA Officials.

Cue in….Mayor Sentaro

The UNRA Manager Flex Tumukunde pinned the Mayor of being behind the channeled drainage system.

Tumukunde added that the aggrieved residents were compensated with the help of the Municipal Authorities and that he is trying to look for the documents where they were compensated from.

He further said that constructing the trenches up to the River down was so expensive.

Cue in…..Manager Flex

The Kabale District Resident Commissioner Godfrey Nyakahuma pledged to write to UNRA Engineer, Mayor, Town clerk and chairperson Mwanjari ward so that they can see how to address the grievances.

Nyakahuma added that all the buildings behind the Karambuzi complex buildings get flooded when it rains and the people are in a very bad state.

When asked about the delays in addressing the issue, Nyakahuma said that he had traveled to Kyankwanzi in RDCs’ Orientation meetings but their issue is on his first program thereafter.

Cue in………..Nyakahuma on Authorities