Rukiga’s Muhanga town Council choking on poor faecal material disposal


RUKIGA- As people from different parts of the country struggle with floods and hunger, Residents of Muhanga town council in Rukiga District continue to struggle with floods of faecal material.

The situation has worsened due to opening toilets to streams and public lands in the town council.

This was witnessed in Rwabahazi cell, Central Ward Muhunga Town council a long Kabale -Mbarara highway at a bar and Lodge belonging to Charles Katuramu a resident of Nyakahanga in Nyamabare cell, Central Ward Muhanga town council Rukiga District.

According to eyewitness, on Sunday of 30th August 2022, Katuramu hired people to empty his toilet at the Bar leaving the wastes in the nearby land with rentals that belong to Madam Esther Tindiwegi Ntare.

Cue in………….Eyewitness RR

On Monday morning, the town council Healthy inspector Kitoko Simon was informed by responsible citizens who visited the scene and directed the arrest of 4 suspects who were hired to empty the toilet.

The suspects were later released and forced to clear the area in presence of the Healthy inspector.

While talking to our Reporter, Esther Tindiwegi the landlady and a land owner of where faecal material was put noted that she was in Kampala as all this was happening but received information from her clients about the incident.

She wondered how a retired Police Officer who used to keep law and order could do such an act and later called upon the authorities to intervene before the situation gets out of hand.

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