Ministry of Works inspects state of nearly collapsing Kisoro’s Kanyamateke bridge


NEWS- Engineers from the Ministry of Works and Transport on Friday inspected the state of Kanyamateke bridge in Gikoro village, Buhozi parish, Busanza sub county in Kisoro district.

The engineers were accompanied by the State Minister of gender, labor and social development in charge of children and Youth affairs Sarah Mateke Nyirabashitsi.

Patrick Osele, the Principal engineer in the department of roads and bridges in the Ministry of works and transport noted that they are going to prepare the inspection report, prepare design and make estimates that will be submitted to the management of the Ministry for decision making.

“First all I want to thank the community for providing this timber makeshift they have been using for very long time. I want to commend the leadership of the community up to the district for ensuring that our people are connected and that is something that is really very good because if people own up a facility like this, then it is easier to maintain it. I want to thank the councilors, the honorable Woman Member of Parliament, for ensuring that our people are able to move despite the sorry state of this bridge”. Says Osele.

Osele says that after inspection, they will provide a report on which basis the government will take it up adding that he believes after making inspection reports and estimates, the government will provide resources.

Hon Sarah Nyirabashitsi noted that the state of the bridge has greatly affected the mobility of people from Busanza to Kirundo and vice versa stressing that her wish would be that the bridge is worked on early before it claims any life.

“If the money would be coming from my pocket, the work on this bridge would even start tomorrow to save people’s lives”, says Hon Sarah Nyirabashitsi.

Minister Nyirabashitsi said that the bridge was in 2011 included in president Museveni’s manifesto when she was also the Kisoro Woman Member of Parliament, but it has remained un honored until now.

Residents of Busanza and Kirundo sub-county told Officials that the current state of Kanyamateke bridge has become a death trap because the makeshifts are about to collapse and can no longer support trucks’ crossing with goods.

“We fear to cross over this bridge because of its state; the government should work on it to save us”. Residents say.

Habumugisha Venant, a resident said there was a passenger once fell in this river with a motorcycle but he was rescued by people who were around.

Engineer Patric Osele also inspected Maziba –Ruhanda-Gihuranda road that was destroyed by the Ntebeko seasonal river from Mount Muhabura. He said that the level of the road has to be raised and the channel widened to prevent water from damaging it and the bridge.

Ndayambaje Ismail the Bunagana town council chairperson commended Hon Minister Nyirabashits for taking the engineers to inspect the road.

“We really commend the Minister for thinking about us and bringing the engineers to assess this road. We ask the Ministry of Works to work on this road because it has hampered a number of developments” Ndayambaje noted.