Uganda is neither Pro- Russia nor Ukraine so long as President Museveni’s interests are protected

Akampa Rugaba

OPINION– Well in the few passed days, Uganda’s President, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni  has proven to be a centre of gravity/ influence with in the Horn of Africa, East Africa and Africa at large.

From hosting Russia’s Foreign Minister, Lavrov one of President Putin’s top most Government official to hosting President Biden’s powerful Special envoy to the United Nations- Linda Thomas with in almost same period. 

Its not by coincidence that all these high ranking officials came to Uganda to just meet the man from Rwakitura and discuss Ankole long horned cattle or even people starving in Karamoja!  

The meetings were or are largely influenced by the geopolitics, You buy gas from Russia, we shall come for your throne! Therefore, keep neutral #Osilike!

Beside this, the global political stability or conflicts in Europe and Asia have impact and influence on Africa’s stability given a fact that even when  Africa boasts of biggest arable fertile  lands, good climate, all kinds of minerals including oil…we still largely depend on countries like Ukraine for mere wheat! Russia for petroleum, China, Italy, France,  for textiles, budget especially health or even military support from United States of America, Britain among others.

Africa is a whole bunch of a continent that has not been given space to struggle on her own to feed her people, manufacture her own goods/products and export them to either Europe or Asia without any stringent strings attached yet Europe has largely turned Africa into a dumping ground for their products even when some of these products are  outdated versions.

 Kwegamba Europe takes Africa Ku speed nyingyi nyo!

To the extent that Africans are still being given guns in exchange of Minerals. These guns are used to kill their  brothers and Sisters in the name of balancing political interests.

Most of Africa’s soft ware has been either taken by Europe including USA, Britain and Africa seems to be stuck with even the hard ware of education system which can not be deliberately  overhauled/reformed  to suit current or future demands/needs of the African populations, this also applies to my motherland, Uganda.

As we are still facing post COVID-19 effects, calamities like floods, drought, hunger in Karamoja, some parts of Northern and Eastern Uganda,  the war between US/NATO’s supported Ukraine and Russia leaves us (Ugandans) more vulnerable than ever before. 

Fuel prices have gone up and continue to stagger up there between 6,500/= Ugx and 7,500/=Ugx, this should or MUST make the sitting NRM Government of President Museveni to have more candid and deligent  conversations with his Cabinet and technocrats on how to manage the crisis the Country is in. It should not be about holding weekly State of Nation addresses with same rhetoric statements or words but tangible solutions to at least make sure that there is enough fuel or food for every citizen of Uganda.

Things might even get more complicated as our neighbour Kenya is going into polls in few days, the relevant ministries must give evidence backed guarantees to Ugandans that fuel prices and supply chains will not be hindered. Ugandans are interested in solutions and what Government is doing to make sure that there is no any Ugandan who fails to put food on the table or even send his or her child to school and when this Child goes to School, he/she will get a job that pays a decent salary enough to enable this person cater for  family needs.

When the NRM Government is able to provide tangible solutions to challenges that affect the day to day lives of Ugandans, even if President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa stays a life President, they really don’t care much after all it is in America’s interests that Mr Museveni remains a President by and large due to his influence and experience  on the African continent.

Watch out for my next article on why Uganda is a fusion of both autocracy and Democracy kind of Governance and what makes President Museveni USA’s top ally on the African continent.

For God & My Country Uganda.

AKAMPA Tanbull

[email protected]

A Political analyst and a student of international Relations and Diplomacy.

Akampa Rugaba