Its in USA’s interest that Museveni becomes Uganda’s life President

AKAMPA TANBULL: Kyaguranyi Ssentamu enjoy your money in Peace than misleading Ugandans
Akampa Rugaba Biretwaho

OPINION– Those who have been thinking that Uganda’s longest serving President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa is soon leaving this position, tighten your seat belts!. 

The man from Rwakitura who calls majority of Ugandans bazukulu has just started being a President until death does him apart or even acts otherwise against the United States Of America’s foreign policy.

Yes, for those who have not yet realized this, Mr Museveni is implementing USA’s foreign policy agenda and he will only fall if USA institutions decide to fight him, at the moment he is a centre of gravity, influence on the African continent and a darling to CIA, the USA corporations and the State department.

The recent visit of President Biden’s top envoy to the United Nations- Linda Thomas was simply about the geopolitics and assurance to Mr Museveni that if you buy gas from Russia then we will come for your throne.

The only option would be to restore hope to Ugandans by telling them that in future things would be better so as to protect the throne. Fuel prices will keep where they are or a bit higher, we can not pick it from Russia, we risk sanctions as a Country but apart from these the most important bit of this puzzle is that the throne would be taken away from the current holder.

Ultimately, the only option is to listen to USA, implement their foreign policy and tell Ugandans bagume! Now this is not a sign of being a coward but balancing interests and knowing where power comes from.

President Putin’s envoy/Powerful Minister on Foreign affairs, Lavrov made fire on top of water, got a raw deal! Uganda will keep neutral in the Ukraine-Russia war largely due to the influence of Washington D.C.

Beside, the Americans send much more money to Uganda than any other super power in the world. It is still because of America’s influence that around the year 2016, President Museveni blocked Russian company that had expressed interest in building oil refinery and now the Companies in charge of Oil in Uganda are Chinese and European companies operating from Texas.

For Americans, you are free to abuse them in public for as long as you implement their foreign policies/ interests and our CEO has really mastered the art of balancing these interests and this has kept him on top.

For these traits, he will stay a President of Uganda until God decides otherwise, the opposition in Uganda will remain a sell out and noise makers to only hoodwink Ugandans. 

Uganda will remain with a fusion of autocracy and democracy so long as their man remains a strong ally. They have no problem with that.

By AKAMPA Tanbull

[email protected]

Political Analyst/ Scholar International Relations & Diplomacy

AKAMPA TANBULL: Kyaguranyi Ssentamu enjoy your money in Peace than misleading Ugandans
Akampa Rugaba Biretwaho