President Museveni’s regular addresses imply emphasis, Businge Emmanuel


OPINION– The president has of late come out on several occasions to address the public on matters of national importance. The regular appearances seem to rub some sections the wrong way a sign that, they are detached from global trends.

It should be noted that the world economy is  on a stern test following the prevailing circumstances that have led to scarcity of some goods and thus spikes in prices.

H. E the president to come out to offer solutions more often than expected is a sign of emphasis, concern as a leader and a pointer that he is willing to go an extra mile in changing the status quo.  Being the fountain of honor comes with extra responsibilities more so in bad times. On commodity prices, the president is offering and guiding on how we can have practical and sustainable solutions. 

He is rooting for electric transport system for sustainability not only for today but for generations to come ,he is offering alternatives to scarce agricultural produce and to be self reliant ,he is encouraging the growing of palm oil to counter the shortages.

The difference between president Museveni and other leaders is that he sees far a head of every body  ,with the current challenges ,he is seeing opportunities that will make a better Uganda in years to come. Recently ,he amplified his campaign against environmental degradation and what came next were  fires in Europe and America then locally we had the devastating floods in Mbale and others areas like Bundibugyo.

Those heeding to his guidance on the environment will not regret in future when others may be counting loses due to disasters a raising from effects of degradation.

One notable critic of the addresses is Sudir Byaruhanga a journalist whose major concern was losses made by media houses while hosting the President . Now, any rational being would be able to put into perspective the tradeoff between the  profit margin for media houses  and the predicament of Ugandans given the global trends . Why would we opt for profits for media houses at the expense of having solutions to high prices ,insecurity ,environmental degradation etc ? 

If there is a leader whose words should be taken seriously is Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.  He is a modern day Seer of our times . Disregard his wise counsel to your peril.

Businge Emmanuel

DRCC – Fort Portal City Central Division.