Criminality, poor sanitation worry Kabale Municipality residents


NEWS– Residents in Kabale Municipality have raised an alarm on increased high crime rate in their area, poor sanitation and the state of roads in their area.

This was revealed in a stakeholders meeting organized by Kabale Municipal council and Central division Authorities at the division headquarters in Kigonji central division, Kabale Municipality.

Speaking to our reporter at the division headquarters, the aggrieved residents showed concern on the warring state of slaughter place “rufura” where they stress that sanitation there is risking the public to contract diseases yet the authorities have kept silent on the worrying matter.

Charles Bisati the chairperson lc1 of Kanyakiriro cell, Nyabikoni ward central division and the division deputy speaker Jessy Aine showed concern on the state of roads in their communities.

They add that they have always had poor quality marum deposited in their roads with no action against perpetuators. Bisati attributed insecurity and high crime rate in the area to shortage of security lights.

Cue in…………Residents on situation

Sam Arinaitwe, the chairperson central Division Kabale Municipality promised to work on Ntagari road in Nyabikoni Ward central Division and further showed concern on daily power cut offs. 

He added that he has addressed the issue of unstable power supply to UMEME and has been told that it is always brought about by Power line cordial.

Arinitwe pledged to deal with the marijuana smokers in his area stressing that they are the main cause of alarm in the areas since they grab people’s property.

Cue in….sam on roads and Umeme

The Kabale Municipal Mayor Byamugisha Sentaro said that they have a small budget to work on all the roads in the Municipality at once addi that good chance, all tarmac roads therein have got street lights.

On poor quality murum used in roads, Byamugisha said that he has nothing to do with it once the municipal engineer approves it.

“We have got a big problem, and we have nothing to do when the engineer approves it” said Byamugisha.

Cue in……. Sentaro on situation

The kabale District Residents District commissioner Mr Godfry Nyakahuma through the District Intelligence security officer Mr. Mutabazi Reuben pledged to hold a meeting with security to address the matter.