Former MP asks Ugandans to borrow a leaf from Kenyan elections


NEWS– The Former Member of Parliament for Rukiga County Hon Jack Crissy Sabiiti has challenged Uganda to borrow a leaf from the Kenyan general election held on Tuesday 8th Aug 2022, urging the government to give democracy a chance.

In an excretive interview with, a founding member and a member of the main opposition party in Uganda FDC Hon Jack Crissy Sabiiti, said that Uganda has had one President and everything below him has changed besides him, almost stopping other political players from operating compared to Kenya where democracy has prevailed seeing a president giving a gap for others.

He said that clearly handing over power peacefully is a sign that shows that Kenyans need to work and use their country together unlike in Uganda where the head of state controls everything alone. Sabiti now wants Ugandans to learn from, and work towards achieving it.

When asked on President Museveni appointing Nobert Moa in the current cabinet as the Minister for Justice and constitutional affairs, Hon Jack Sabiiti said that he expects nothing from him working under President Museveni’s government.

He later how the Ugandan state could continue using the taxpayers money and the state machinery in party activities, mainly elections witnessed on several occasions in different parts of the country.

He further told our reporter that opposition political parties are looking forward to working together, citing the recent agreement signed by different political parties so that they can join hands in fighting the current system since they are all fighting to achieve the same goal.

Hon Jack Sabiiti represented the Rukiga County constituency in the 7th & 9th Parliaments and as a member of the constituent assembly that promulgated the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

He also served as the chairperson of the Committee on Public Service and Local Government in the 9th Parliament, a member of the Budget Committee whereas in the 7th Parliament, he was the vice chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee and a member of both the Budget Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

For the first time, Kenyans have seen the Luo and Kikuyu working together to front Raila Odinga, which is as a result of a combination of dynasty politics, the hustlers and handshake.