Gov’t tipped on investing in facilitating teachers’ capacity building


RUKIGA- The Principal Education officer in the department of physical in the Ministry of Education and sports and the National Coordinator of Tertiary Institutions Activities Ms. Ddembe N Hajarah has appealed to the Government to prioritize Human Capital Development programme, to adequately facilitate capacity building of Physical Education to Teachers, Games tutors and instructors.

While at official opening ceremony of the 7th Edition of the PTCs and TVFIs National 2022 games hosted at Kabale-Bukinda Core PTC in Rukiga District on Monday 15th August 2022, Ms. Ddembe N Hajarah said that Learners have a specific period of stay in educational institutions to complete a particular cycle of education, for which they graduate.

She emphasized that Short of adequate provisions, Learners graduate half baked and carry it on to wherever they are employed.

Ms. Hajarah encouraged Principals to plan and carry out more technical specific-practical capacity building programmes to the PE and Sports teachers, tutors and instructors.  

2022 has witnessed the 7th Edition since the merger in 2013, whose specific objectives are to Maximizing learning academic time and learners’ participation in other schools and educational programs other than sports, Increase learners’ participation and interactions, linkages, and unified collaborations at national levels, into large numbers that can attract more benefits.

Others are to Consolidate learners skills and psychosocial, geographical, cultural and economic exposure, Maximize resource utilization (Time, personnel, equipment, facilities and funds) and where possible attract sponsors.

This tournament will see over 1,445 participants ready to battle in different game activities, of whom 1,241 students (413 Female and 828 Male) from 51 institutions, 20 TVFIs (4 Farm Institutes, 2 Vocational Schools and 14 Technical institutes), 26 Principals (17male and 9 females) All the females are part of the 14 of the PTCs, 79 Team officials (18 Female and 61Males), 93 Technical Officials.

The athletes are competing in the sports disciplines of:

·         Track and Field Athletics -24 Institutions were registered with 45 teams (24 Male and 21 Female), manned by 45 (34Male and 11 Female) Officials which end yesterday 15th August 2022.

·         Close-country – 15 Institutions (23 teams; 15M and 08F), also concluded by yesterday in the morning.

·         Mind games:

Chess-12 institutions (17 teams; 12Male and 05 Female)

Draughts-16 Institutions (23 teams; 16 Male and 07 Female)

Omweso-06 institutions (12 teams; 06 Male and 06 Female)

Scrabble- 07 Institutions (11 teams; 07 Male and 04 Female)

·         Wood ball – 10 Institutions (18 teams; 10 Male and 08 Female)

Wood ball and Mind games will end today.

·         The Remaining 5 traditional Ball Games (Basketball, Football, Handball, Netball and Volleyball) was made entries tonight to commence the competitions today 16/08/2022