Rukungiri woman MP donates maize grains to hailstorm hit constituents


NEWS- Hon Midius Natukunda Kaharata, the Rukungiri District Woman Member of Parliament on Tuesday 16th August 2022 donated hybrid maize seeds to over 100 households from Kahihi cell in Nyakinengo parish, Nyakagyeme Sub County that were previously hit by hailstorm.

Nyakagyeme sub-county was on 31st July 2022 badly hit by hailstorm from the heavy rains that took almost 2 hours and destroyed most of their crops and homesteads.

Handing over the maize grains to the farmers, Hon. Natukunda Midius Kaharata advised residents to practice inter-cropping; a multiple cropping practice that involves growing two or more crops in proximity.

The legislator appealed to the beneficiaries not to eat the donated maize seeds but rather plant them to yield more in future.

“My appeal is that you should not eat these grains, plant them, so that they can save you from future famine calamities so that you can as well get money out of it” Natukunda noted.


Komujuni Dinah Makanda the Nyakinengo parish woman councilor hailed the Legislator for the quick response to her people’s cries adding that this is the first donation since the disaster hit their area last month.

Bongyire Silver the Kahihi cell chairperson narrated that they have had hard times since the calamity but since Hon. Natukunda has donated to them this hybrid maize, their future is assured.


Turyamureba Julius, Keshaaha Gloria and Tumwebaze Mary some of the hailstorm victims told our reporter that they had anticipated looming hunger in the coming months had this rescue didn’t come their way.

They thanked Hon Natukunda Kaharata for thinking about them as her electorates during such hard times calling on other leaders to intervene and come to their rescue.