NGOs using Batwa for Personal gains, Rubanda District officials reveal


NEWS– Rubanda district authorities have shown concern about the increased number of leaders, organizations, and people who have drawn their attention to using the Batwa as tourism attractions for their personal benefit.

This was revealed during the handover of six goats to the Batwa Communities staying in different villages of Ikamiro Parish in Muko Sub county that were donated by the tourists through Kazinga Tour and Travel Company and the tourism Office of Rubanda District.

The Rubanda District Chairperson Stephen Ampeire Kasyaba who presided over the handover of these goats condemned the act of people and organizations using the Batwa communities for their benefit.

Kasyaba added that the district is planning to make additional funding to the tourism department aiming at mostly advertising the attractions in the district such as the Echuya forest.

The Rubanda District senior tourism officer Heidy Zikereta said that they have found out that most organizations operating in the area to develop and transform the Batwa are the ones that are benefiting 95% from the initiative.

He adds that this has left the Batwa communities behind thus warning such people to stop the habit or else they are arrested.

Zikereta adds that the district wants to formulate Batwa associations so that companies and people to visit the Batwa Communities must be in a position of presenting a verified receipt.

In a bid to transform the Batwa way of living, tourists through Kazinga tours and the Rubanda District Local government donated goats that are expected to benefit these communities with the aim of continuous support.

The Batwa who benefited from this initiative pledged to take good care of these goats saying that they will help them get manure,