VIDEO! Gen. Saleh finally appears in public amidst death rumors


KAMPALA– Celebrated Bush War hero Gen. Salim Saleh (real name Caleb Akandwanaho) has forgiven all those that have been announcing him.

Gen. Saleh on Saturday 17th September 2022 ashamed haters when he appeared at her daughter Esther’s giveaway at his home in Buziga.

At a function that was heavily attended with ‘big-shots’ in Uganda’s Government notably Gen. Jim K. Muhwezi the current Security Minister, Gen. Saleh looked healthier than ever.

It has been a period of untold rumor regarding the death of this noble General but this seem to have climax.

This week, Farouk Kirunda the Deputy Press Secretary to President Museveni had informed that General Salim Saleh is alive and doing his Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) assignments.

He went on to warn the public that his boss hasn’t made such announcement and called on the public to ignore the fake news with the contempt it deserves.

“Gen. Saleh is alive and well on his OWC assignments. Kindly ignore,” Kirunda disclosed.

Joyful for his daughter whom he praised for resurrecting him, Gen. Saleh boasted blogger Fred Lumbuye and fellows stressing that if he wants them arrested, I won’t take days before adding that he has forgiven them.