Fr. Gaetano trashes government over milk plans at Schools


NEWS- The Outspoken and former Priest Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda of Kitanga Parish in Kabale Diocese has expressed his objections to the Government’s plan to squeeze parents with learners in both private and government schools to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for compulsory milk in a bid to boost children’s health.

On 6th this month, the Assistant Commissioner of Private Schools and Institutions in the Ministry of Education, George Muteekanga, told a joint planning meeting that the new programme started this term in 13 local government schools in Mukono, Kampala and Wakiso and will be rolled out to the rest of the country in January next year.

Muteekanga, however, said parents who are unable to pay through the school should be allowed to give learners money to buy milk from the school canteens during breakfast.

Now, addressing journalists in Kabale town, Rev. Fr Gaetano said that even though the Ruling government pretends to be minding much about its people, it gives people in leadership the first priority and second Priority to the ordinary people.

He added that many students have not reported back to their respective schools due to increased school fees which is caused by the current economic Crisis where commodity prices have skyrocketed.

Fr Gaetano added that it’s so unfortunate that the government is bringing this plan of forcing parents to pay for milk when themselves (parents) have failed to raise the little school fees they are supposed to pay.


Fr. Gaetano further questioned whether president Museveni and his people in leadership took milk while at school and if they never took it, does it mean they are dull.

He expressed his concern on why the government never brought this idea during the covid-19 lockdown and why at this time.