Sheema women leaders trained on mindset change to fight domestic violence


NEWS- Women leaders in Sheema district have been empowered to educate fellows in communities on mindset change to boost their social and economic welfare.

In a two days’ workshop held at Sun beach hotel in Kabwohe town, Sheema Municipality organized by the Department of Gender and Women Affairs in the Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development, through the area woman representative Hon Rosemary Nyakikongoro was attended by young and old women leaders from all over Sheema district.

A team of officials from the Ministry led by Alex Atuhaire and a one Alice had enough time to train women on how to transit from subsistence to money economy as a solution to domestic violence in families.

They urged women to relate well to the current situation saying that things have totally changed compared to the past days where the population was low, having enough land, food among others.

Hon Rosemary Nyakikongoro told our reporter that the Mindset change training is the only way to help communities make a paradigm shift from their usual thinking if they are to transform Uganda stressing that women are the true main change agents.

She also said that the training was to motivate leaders to go back in their societies and start sensitizing their fellows on how well women can change societies through working other than underestimating themselves.

Cue in ….. Nyakikongoro on training 

She further requested the top district women heads citing the RDC and Chairperson LC V to make a follow up so that where need be, they can support women financially.

Ms. Justine Komujuni, the beneficiary told our reporter that the workshop will help in curbing domestic violence and boosting the economy for women thus thanking the organizers for coming up with such a brilliant idea.

Cue in …. Komujuni on training

The workshop was also attended by the Seema RDC Purikeria Muhindo, district boss Jemimah Buhanda among others.